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    Where’s your lighter?

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    Come Join the Fun!

    Don't Miss us at the Bong-A-Thon in South Park, Colorado August 1-2, 2014!!! The 420 Comic will be there too!!

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    LET YOUR BALLZ HANG~with Bungee Ballz

    The latest and greatest product from Bargain Ballz..

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    Have a favorite color?

    We have a Bargain Ballz color for every mood, Hello Kitty pink to Jenny Kush purple. Buy 1 or buy them all!    Order Now »

I think I have had my orange Bargain Ballz for about a year now. It’s is not only easy to find it, nobody can walk away with it. My Bargain Ballz is old, worn and I LOVE IT!

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How it works

howITwerks The Bargain Ballz lighter holding device make lighter stick around a lot longer!¬† Slide your “bic” type lighter in the sleeve for a snug fit. Flip your lighter around to weatherize it and never be without your flame. Bargain Ballz even float. They are great from grilling to skiing. Grab a Bungee Ballz to get the great same Bargain Ballz with the convenience of a bungee cord and clip on it.


customIcon Set your Ballz apart! Here at Bargain Ballz we believe personalized Ballz are a unique and effective way to advertise and promote your business or great for any special occasion. We offer a couple ways to customize  Bargain ballz or Bungee Ballz with your company logo or advertisement message. Set your birthday or anniversary celebration apart. Minimum purchase required!

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